The Chef

Kathryne Bennett has worked at some of the San Francisco Bay Area’s most innovative eateries, including NOPA, Bar Tartine, Cotogna, and as Sous Chef at Delfina Restaurant. She currently works at Central Kitchen. Her food is regional Italian with an emphasis on local, sustainable ingredients. Kathryne grew up tending a backyard garden in a small town in southern Indiana and was probably the only foodie at her elementary school. Her family left their doors unlocked so neighbors could borrow pots and pans when the family wasn’t home!

Kathryne brings this small town community experience to her pop-up dinners, where you’ll find her stopping by each table to share stories about her menus. She encourages guests to not only savor each bite but the moments shared with new and old friends at the dinner table. An avid cyclist who created elaborate Italian dinners and wine-pairings for her college racing team, Kathryne owned a private practice as a chiropractor, acupuncturist, and nutritionist before beginning her career as a professional chef in 2011.